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Life’s too short for bad wine, they say — so we’ve taken the pot luck out of the process. The shortlist of wines below represents some of our all-time favourite bottles: robust reds, crisp rosés, organic whites — and even Winston Churchill’s beloved champagne. They are the good-time stalwarts that delight on any occasion. Pick six, and we’ll ship them directly to you, post-haste. You’re in good hands now.


We have tried and tested 12 wines which we think you will love. Take a read below and see what takes your fancy.


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  • Whispering Angel

    Whispering Angel is the world’s most desirable rose — and it has the heavyweight credentials (and Cotes du Provence heritage) to back up the fanfare. Created by Sacha Lichine — a larger-than-life figure in every dimension — it is a serious wine for unserious occasions, with a beautifully sculpted mineral core and a fresh, summer fruit palette giving way to a pleasing salinity on the finish.

    £22 each
  • Minuty

    This prestigious rosé brings a touch of the South of France to your glass, wherever you happen to find yourself. Expect eager aromas of orange peel and redcurrant on the nose, as well as candied peach and pink grapefruit on the palette — all backed up by the crisp, dry finish that you’d hope for from a classic Côtes de Provence.

    £14.50 each
  • Aix

    This one’s got the “AIX” factor, no doubt about it. Provence leads the world for ultra-premium rosé, and even among sterling company, AIX Rosé stands out. Its beautiful salmon colour is inviting and its fresh, fruity, almost candied nose is downright irresistible. On the palate it’s crisp and lively with bright red fruit, citrus flavours, and a touch of spice.

    £14 each
  • Perrin Réserve - Cotes Du Rhone

    This is a baby Châteauneuf-du-Pape, if you will — a rich, jammy, savoury red crafted from the classic Rhone blend of Grenache and Syrah. The Perrin family have an utter dedication to the heritage of the region, and it shows — expect intense notes of black cherry, peppermint and vanilla and a fruity, flesh palette with well-structured tannins.

    £13 each
  • Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV

    Louis Roederer is a standard-bearing name in the world of champagne for good reason. This Brut Premier packs all the tantalising taste that you'd expect from such a reputable manufacturer into a single delectable magnum. Dry and bubbly, with a lengthy and complex aftertaste that lingers on the palate, every sip is a delight that bridges the twin tastes of champagne and fine wine. Matured for a minimum of four years before undertaking disgorgement, Louis Roederer Brut Premier blends hints of citrus, nuts, oak and spice to create a mesmerising combination of aroma and taste.

    £46 £36 each
  • Turley Zinfandel Juvenile 2018

    The Turley estate has garnered rockstar status as an outspoken devotee to the once-unfashionable zinfandel varietal — and this is a fine example of the grape at its best. A medium bodied wine with gentle aromas of perfumed, earthy berries, it drinks well right out of the bottle. Serve it to your resident wine bore, and watch him eat his hat.

    £28.70 each
  • Lyrarakis Vilana Pirovolikes Vineyard 2019

    This one’s drinks like a Greek myth — full of ancient wisdom, heavenly aromas and lightning bolt intensity. The Cretean vineyard behind it is still family-owned and has centuries of history to call upon. What’s more, it produces some of the most progessive wines on the island — expect notes of bergamot, white plum, and melon, with a winning minerality.

    £15.86 each
  • David Moret 'Le Grand A' Aligoté 2019

    Anyone can bring a Chablis to the table. But this white Burgundy is the region’s best kept secret — an insider’s tip for those in the know. Aligoté is the third grape variety of Burgundy, and is often kept for the winemakers to drink while their chardonnays and pinots get snapped up at astronomic prices. This one is stellar, with an unctuous finish of nougat and toasted hazelnuts.

    £16.22 each
  • Umani Ronchi Centovie Pecorino 2018

    For once, it’s okay to be a sheep. Named after the wooly beasts that clamber over the rolling hills of the region (and love to eat the early ripening grapes off of the trees), Pecorino is fast on course to become one of Italy’s truly great grapes. This wine is brilliant, fresh, floral delight that has notes of aromatic herbs. A dinner party favourite.

    £24.04 each
  • Santa Cruz Mountains Trout Gulch Chardonnay Kutch 2017

    A wine to make you quit your day job. In 2005, Jamie Kutch traded his career on the stock exchange for a life of winemaking up in the Santa Cruz mountains. And a mid-life crisis has never tasted so good. This is a classic of the region — intense and well-structured, with notes of  lemon peel, chalk, white flowers and mint.

    £46.80 each
  • Domaine FL Savennières Chamboureau 2016

    A smart, handsome, and grown up bottle — ideal for fish pie on Christmas eve. It’s made in the small but brilliant appellation of Savennieres, and boasts a remarkable racy minerality with nutty qualities and an incomparable ability to age. Rich, round and energetic with pure notes of baked apples, peach and tropical fruits.

    £29.25 each
  • Domaine de la Renardiere Chardonnay Jurassique 2016

    Join a cult without drinking the kool aid. Wines from the Jura region, up in the mountains of eastern France, are fast becoming true cult classics, thanks to the frenzy of natural wine production taking place. This domaine has been farming along biodynamic principles since 2010, with wines fermented in old barrels that are kept topped up. Esoteric, unexpected, delicious.

    £25.61 each
  • La Soula Rouge 2014

    A hot tip: La Soula is perhaps one of the most sought after and enigmatic producers in France at the moment, so get in on the action before it goes mainstream. Made from once-abandoned vines in the Agly Valley in the foothills of the Pyrennes, this red boasts great complexity and elegance. It’s especially brilliant once decanted. And you drank it before it was cool. 

    £32.34 each
  • Corbières Campagnès Maxime Magnon 2018

    This Corbières Campagnès is Maxime Magnon’s greatest ever red, made from the ancient vineyards that local farmers weren’t willing to till. It drinks like a grand cru infused with southern soul — big and punchy, but with elegance and finesse. All in all, it’s a pretty magical combo. A true crowd pleaser. 

    £39 each
  • Château Montaiguillon, Bordeaux, 2015

    This deep red is like a bachelor uncle at Christmas — staunchly traditional, but a friend to all. (Especially after he’s tucked into a glass or two of rouge.) The label is also exceptionally smart, so your friends will think you're doing far better than you actually are. Plus, it’s lovely in the glass: plenty of juicy dark fruits and ripe tannins.

    £21.58 each
  • Musar Jeune Red Gaston Hochar 2018

    A wonderful bottle with a beautiful back story. Chateau Musar was founded in 1930 by the eponymous Gaston, after he spent time with Bordeaux’s legendary winemaker Major Ronald Barton during the war. It is a brilliant example of Lebanon at its best — with spicy, savoury notes and oodles of succulent fruit.

    £16.38 each
  • Etna Rosso Emanuele Scammacca del Murgo 2018

    A wine forged in an inferno. The volcanic soils below these vineyards give rise to some unique wines — earthy, herbal, mineral. The vineyards here are organized into 'contrada', which have been carved out naturally by the flow of lava. Expect scents of red fruit and spices and a mineral palette reminiscent of lava and volcanic sands.

    £18.72 each
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