Cubitts Collier Sunglasses


Named for Collier Street in London's King's Cross, Cubitts’ Collier Sunglasses feature an angular lens shape that particularly complements an oval or round face shape. The bridgeless style will add length to shorter noses, and metal nose pads provide added support to those with a flatter nose bridge.

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About Cubitts

An emerging new challenger in Britain’s bustling spectacles and sunglasses market, Tom Broughton’s brand is passionate about accessories. He’s not worried about taking on big, established brands — but rather simply cares about quality.

Why we chose them

Cubitts are a British sunglasses and spectacles company, based in King's Cross, London. Founded by Tom Broughton, Cubitts frames are made in a traditional way, and go through fifty stages of production over a period of six weeks, from pin drilling to polishing.