A modern rebirth of an original ‘Dirty Dozen’ watch commissioned by the Ministry of Defense for World War Two, the Vertex M100 boasts a custom ETA mechanical movement, super-scratch resistant sapphire crystal dial and Super-Luminova on the face. Usually only available to purchase via referral, we are now thrilled to offer this unique piece of horological history to readers of Gentleman’s Journal.

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About Vertex

In 1912, Claude Octavius Lyons set up Dreadnought Watches with a loan from his father-in law. He paid it back within the year, and spent the next 50 years becoming a leading light of the local community and the international watch trade. In 2016, Lyons’ great-grandson, Don Cochrane, re-incorporated the company and has been creating quality, timeless timepieces ever since.

Why we chose them

“It’s rare to find a new player on the watch market that creates products of such quality. And, although Vertex is steeped in history and heritage, these new watches are incredibly special — there’s something very cool about owning a watch so rare and unique.”