Sir Plus

Navy Chore Jacket


Made in England from hard-wearing cotton twill, Sir Plus’ Chore Jacket is inspired by that French workwear classic, the bleu de travail, and features three patch pockets on the front with a further two inside the jacket.

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About Sir Plus

Founded by Henry Hales, when he set up a stall at Portobello Market, this brand creates stylish clothes from ‘cabbage’ — the fabric offcuts of large fashion houses and shirt makers. Today, the brand is creating everything from gilets and waistcoats to shirts and, of course, boxer shorts — all still made from the surplus material from which the company took its name.

Why we chose them

“The definition of cool smart casual, every single garment offered by Sir Plus is destined to become an investment piece. Not to mention that its core collection is the new smart casual uniform for all young men-about-town. You can spot a Sir Plus man at 50 paces — and that’s no bad thing.”