The 2020 Snow and Ski Edit

From a pair of slope-ready sunglasses to the perfect upcycled, knitted mid-layer — these are the best snow and ski-ready products this year

24th November 2020

Thanks to a pandemic that just won’t stop snowballing, our annual ski trips are in danger. But let’s not give up just yet. We’re a tenacious bunch and, where there’s a will (and some promising travel corridors, snow machines and — if the worst comes to it — artificial slopes), there’s a way.

So don’t put your winter trips on ice just yet. Instead, it’s best to remain optimistic — and start investing in the best gear for your annual trip to the mountains. From snug knitted scarves and insulating mid-layers to the best accessories for the slopes, here’s the Gentleman’s Journal Ski and Snow Edit 2020.

The Jacket: Canada Goose Wyndham Parka

ski and snow edit canada goose

It’s the main attraction — so you’d better get it right. And this is an ideal option. Slightly slimmer and less padded than your usual Canada Goose coats, the Wyndham Parka won’t reduce you to a pool of sweat on the slopes. Instead, it will keep you comfortably warm with soft ribbed knit cuffs to block cold air out, and a lined chin guard. The removable hood also boasts an itself-removable fur ruff — and is structured with shaping wire for those really fast descents.

ski and snow edit canada goose

Canada Goose

Wyndham Parka


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The Hat: Peregrine Porter Ribbed Beanie

ski and snow edit peregrine

A hat; easy to forget but no less essential than the coat above. This beanie from Peregrine is crafted from 100% Merino wool and created to resemble a traditional ribbed fisherman design. But it works just as well on the slopes as it does at sea — with natural fibres that will ensure durability, sustainability and temperature regulation.

The Flask: Ettinger 4oz Captive Top Flask

ski and snow edit ettinger

Don’t scroll on; this one is important. There’s no tool in your après-ski arsenal as important as a good drink — so why not take a select spirit onto the slopes with you as well? From Ettinger, this 4oz stainless steel hip flask is the ideal vessel for your chosen whisky or brandy. Wrapped in luxurious black leather, it’ll keep your fingers protected from the cold metal every time you take a nip. 

The Goggles: Spektrum Östra Black Line Edition Ski Goggles

ski and snow edit goggles

Skiing occasionally gets a bad rap — all of those tourists trampling up mountains to further melt already-precious snow. Thankfully, Spektrum’s Östra Black Line Editions are as sustainable as ski goggles come. With frames and plastic components made from all-natural castor oil, not to mention dark smoke lenses from renowned Carl Zeiss Vision, they’ll protect both you and the environment.

ski and snow edit goggles


Östra Black Line Goggles


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The Boots: Salomon Shift Pro 100 AT

ski and snow edit salomon

Ski boots can be tricky to get right. Too hefty and you’ll be exhausted walking even the shortest distance. Too light and they won’t be substantial enough to pass muster. At 1.75 kg, these petrol-blue boots from Salomon strike the perfect balance — at once boasting the stability needed for cruising down the mountain and the versatility required for hiking back up.

ski and snow edit salomon


Shift Pro 100 AT


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The Scarf: Peregrine Porter Ribbed Scarf 

ski and snow edit peregrine

Like the hat above, a scarf can be the difference between a pleasant day out in the mountains — and a subzero test of your time. Thankfully, Peregrine have once again stepped up to the all-natural mark with this handsome ribbed scarf. Equal parts fashion and function, it’s crafted from 100% Merino wool — which means it will regulate your temperature better than any technical-fabric snood ever could.

The Frames: Oscar Deen Nelson Sunglasses

ski and snow edit oscar deen

Goggles are all well and good — but when the time comes for mountaintop drinks with friends, you’ll want to pull off your heavy-duty eyewear and slip on some slimmer frames. Oscar Deen’s Nelson sunglasses are an excellent choice. Inspired by a standard army issue design from 1950s America, they are broad in the face, with a keyholed bridge and chamfered brow. They’re also plenty tough enough to withstand any icy accidents. 

The Mid-Layer: Artknit Studios Eco Cashmere Sweater

ski and snow edit artknit

Like the Spektrum goggles above, Artknit Studios’ Eco Cashmere Sweater has a warm fuzzy heart of sustainability. Created using upcycled fibres obtained from industrial cashmere excess, it reduces the environmental impact of your average sweater by 92%. And that’s not the only benefit. Thanks to those fine, insulating fibres, you can enjoy the benefits of a luxurious handmade mid-layer at a fraction of the price. 

The Gloves: Hestra Army Leather Gloves

ski and snow edit hestra gloves

Crafted meticulously from treated white leather, these GORE-TEX gloves from Hestra certainly look the part. And, fortunately for your fingers, it’s not all bluster. Designed for protection in the harshest, coldest conditions, the windproof fabrics and waterproof liners that make up these ‘Army’ gloves will keep your hands warm for hours. Think elasticated cuffs, a velcro strap and a pre-shaped ‘Eagle Grip’ for better purchase on your poles. 

ski and snow edit hestra gloves


Army Leather Gloves


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The Watch: Vertex MP45 Arctic

ski and snow edit vertex

Icy by name; icy by nature. Vertex’s striking MP45 ‘Arctic’ is a contemporary take on the Mono-Pusher timing watch commissioned in 1945. Limited to 35 pieces — 20 Automatics and 15 Manual editions — the brushed steel asymmetric case is fully waterproof, the white dial is printed with Super-LumiNova markers and there’s even a rubber strap available to ensure it fully looks the part on the slopes.

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