The best new fragrances for spring 2020

Spritz on the lightest, freshest, most summery scents to hit the market this season...

15th April 2020

Spritz on the lightest, freshest, most summery scents to hit the market this season

There’s nothing like the changing of the seasons – especially that from winter to spring. The leaves are back on the trees, the colours are brighter and there’s a new warmth in the air. Which means it’s time to swap that rich, leathery scent you’ve been wearing for the past few months for something lighter and more refreshing. 

But, rather than digging last year’s (now slightly stale) fragrance out of the bathroom cabinet, why not invest in something new? The new season has seen a whole swathe of scents from every genre hit shelves – here are some of our favourites…

Woody: Montblanc Explorer

If you’ve enjoyed the masculinity of the woody scent you’ve been wearing throughout the winter but are in need of something a little less heavy for spring, Montblanc’s latest offering is ideal. Rich vetiver and patchouli provide a deep base that is lifted with the freshness of bergamot and sage resulting in a bold yet wearable fragrance perfect for the office.

Smoky: Czech & Speake Perfecto Fino

Not for the faint hearted, the new spring fragrance from London-based grooming brand Czech & Speake is inspired by Cuban cigars and the culture of Latin America. Built around powerful notes of leather, sandalwood and tobacco, top notes of lemon and bergamot and a heart of cinnamon and clove lend this scent a floral spiciness that make it hard to forget.

Citrus: Ferragamo

Eponymous fragrances are quite the statement – especially when they’re designed to encapsulate a fashion house as storied as Salvatore Ferragamo. For its new fragrance, the house drew on its artisanal Italian roots and the idea of the men it dresses as being masters of their destiny to create a scent characterised by citrus and woody tones. Blended by Antoine Maisondieu, Ferragamo features notes of bergamot and lemon that lighten into a lingering fragrance of violet, musk and vetiver.

Fresh: Acqua di Parma Note di Colonia V

As with all the fragrances in Acqua di Parma’s Note di Colonia collection, the latest is inspired by an evening at the opera. Composed by perfumer Virgilio Villoresi, Note di Colonia V draws on Verdi’s Rigoletto – with its light and dark contrasts and atmospheres of vivacity, seduction and tragedy. Opening with Italian citrus fruits, bergamot and pink pepper, the fragrance deepens into bright ginger and aromatic juniper before evolving into notes of sandalwood and cedarwood. This is an olfactory performance to remember.

Floral: Givenchy Gentleman

A reinterpretation of the original Givenchy Gentleman fragrance which debuted in 2017, this modern iteration trades in surprising contrasts. Fiery, warming wood is paired with subtle, floral iris, coriander seed is fused with black pepper and geranium and cedar is matched with cocoa in a deeply sophisticated floral fragrance perfect for those who don’t do floral fragrances.

Salty: Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Acqua

There are few scents more evocative of summer than warm skin and salty air and the latest holiday-ready fragrance from Tom Ford delivers them in abundance. A new addition to the highly popular Neroli Portofino collection – and an update to 2014’s Costa Azzurra – its salt water tones are melded with classic summer notes of lemon, juniper, cypress oil, pine needles and labdanum to bring the beach to life wherever you happen to be.

Fruity: Shay & Blue Blackberry Woods

The latest from boutique London-based perfumer Shay & Blue is an ode to the scent of the British countryside in summertime. Expect sharp blackberry, fresh green leaves and sparkling citrus notes coupled with a base of woody cypress in this sophisticated and uplifting fragrance perfect for long days in the sunshine.

Unisex: CK Everyone

Gender-neutral fragrances haven’t always had the best rap. Scents of old tended to lean too far in either direction and end up appealing to no-one. But no longer. Modern fragrance science has come on a long way and, coupled with a greater appreciation for natural ingredients, resulted in a new roster of fresh unisex fragrances perfect for the contemporary wearer. Youthful and light, CK Everyone has been created by Alberto Morillas – the man behind the iconic CK One fragrance – with notes of orange oil, cedar wood and blue tea for the ultimate everyday scent.

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