These are the best shaving creams for modern men

These are the best shaving creams for modern men

From options for sensitive skin to the creams made with invigorating ingredients, here’s how to take your shaving routine back to basics...

When did shaving become so bloody complicated? And yes, emphasis on bloody. There are so many foil shavers and straight razors zipping and clipping about our bathroom cabinets that we don’t know what we’re doing with ourselves. Did we remember our pre-shave balm? Our post-shave salve? Our mid-shave, close-shave, life-and-death lotion? It’s no wonder we spend more time nicking and scratching our faces than actually shaving them.

So let’s press pause. Let’s ditch our oils, dump our gels and throw our ointments out. Because shaving should be relaxing — a serene morning routine that keeps our minds calm and our faces smooth. And, for that, you need only two things: a razor and shaving cream. As they say, the simple ways are often the best — so below we’ve rounded up the best of the simple…

If you’ve got sensitive skin, opt for a soothing shaving cream

If you suffer from painfully sensitive skin, you’ve probably got a small army of grooming products — all trying to soothe and settle your complexion. And who are we to take away your anti-inflammatory tools? But here’s the rub, gents — there are certain creams out there that can calm, soothe, moisturise and lubricate all at once.

Take Shisheido’s shaving cream, for instance. A luxurious formula softens the roots of your hair, while preventing burn and soothing any irritation from the razor. Similarly, Le Labo’s cream is enriched with moisturising coconut, calming chamomile and clarifying sage. Or, if you’re daring to dab on something with a little scent, Floris’ No.89 shaving cream is formulated with aloe vera to ensure it remains calming as well as fragrant.

Believe it or not, some enriching shave creams can do it all

If you’ve assembled shelf upon shelf of shaving regalia in order to properly nourish your skin, you’ve also done so in vain. You may have convinced yourself that no one product can work the miracles of your various salves and serums, but we’re here to tell you that they most certainly can. And, what’s more, they’ll do so in style.

This edgy multitasking tube from Doers of London not only ensures a smooth shave, but also helps soothe and repair any razor irritation, while softening, moisturising and regenerating skin. It’s also antiseptic. Claus Porto’s Spiced Citrus shaving cream has a similarly impressive list of skills; from gently cleansing your skin to leaving it subtly scented. Or, if you’re searching for a shave cream that will refresh, lubricate and condition your facial hair, look no further than Anthony’s offering.

For those difficult mornings, invest in an invigorating shaving cream

For all of its soothing, ritualistic qualities, your morning shave is really about getting ready for the day ahead. And so, for our final batch of richly lathering creams, we’ve picked out those with a little extra oomph. These three have a buzz about them — a trio of energising, revitalising products to keep your skin supple and your brain focused.

From Malin + Goetz, this Vitamin E cream is supplemented with amino acid proteins and has a cooling kick of menthol. The packaging of Buly 1803’s offering will wake you up just by looking at it, but it is also formulated with a strong scent of burnt Hinoki wood to really get your attention. And Frederic Malle’s Vetiver Extraordinaire is topped off with fresh pink peppercorns and bitter orange to get your day off to a peppy, peppery start.

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