With the Collier Aviators, Cubitts has won the winter sunglasses game

With dusky grey lenses and frames of glimmering gold, these Collier Aviators are the ideal investment to tackle winter sun

Who says sunglasses are just for summer? Our favourite frames may only see the blinding light of day during the warmer months, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few choice pairs tucked away for cold snaps. After all, low winter sun is blinding at the best of times — and you should be suitably, stylishly prepared for it.


Enter Cubitts. Everyone’s favourite homegrown spectacle seller, this London-based brand coolly sidled onto the scene back in 2013 — bringing fashionable frames to Kings Cross. Today, it is stocked across the world — not least in the absurdly well-appointed Gentleman’s Journal eStore. And our favourite of founder Tom Broughton’s frames? The Collier Aviators.



With an angular design, the Collier frames particularly complement those with oval or round face shapes. The glimmering gold frames will catch even the first shades of winter morning light, and those dusky dark-grey lenses will keep your eyes protected even when the sun breaks the horizon.


There’s added support for those with a flatter nose bridge, in the form of metal nose pads — and the bridgeless style will add perceived length to shorter noses. But the touch we value the most? The name. All Cubitts frames are christened for streets in the Kings Cross area, and Collier Street is a vibrant hub of design and creativity — a perfect namesake.


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