The best cashmere and wool knits for winter

Knitwear. There’s nothing else like it. From chunky sweaters to fine cashmere roll necks, cable knit cardigans to softly knitted polos, it really is fashion’s most versatile family. Just think about it; what else could transcend dress codes, seasons and trends so stylishly? Nothing, that’s what.

But, with great versatility comes baffling, endless choice. And, with all those weaves, patterns and stitches on offer, it can be nigh on impossible to pin down the jumper or cardigan that's perfect for you. And that’s a problem — especially with the chilly weather so close on the gloomy horizon. But worry not, we’ve made the whole knitted nightmare that little bit easier — and found the four key styles you should be investing in...

When it comes to comfy jumpers, bigger is better

Let’s begin with a big one; literally. The chunkiest, warmest jumpers money can buy. These are a win-win. Everyone loves being cosy and comfortable — but many of the thickest knits also have the best statement patterns woven into them.

Take Peregrine’s Hudson Aran fisherman’s jumper. Perhaps the knitted jewel of the British brand’s collection, this rugged reliable rib is woven from the finest wool — affording it waterproof qualities as well as unparalleled warmth. The brand also craft a subtler style, the Skiddaw, in a tighter waffle knit. Or then there’s basketweave — a classic pattern no better deployed than by Shackleton’s smart Geelong lambswool roll neck.

Hudson Aran – Skiddaw

Hudson Aran – Skiddaw


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Waffle Crew – Skiddaw

Waffle Crew – Skiddaw


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Centenary Hero Sweater | Sand

Centenary Hero Sweater | Sand


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A knitted polo is the king of smart casual dressing

The knitted polo is that rarest of wardrobe essentials — effortlessly casual, but with an office-ready edge. Dress it up with a suit, down with jeans or shorts or pitch it somewhere in the middle. However you decide to wear it, there’s one guarantee; it’ll see you through the season in style.

From Artknit Studios, this navy blue knitted polo is the king of smart casual dressing. And, woven from extra fine merino wool, it’s as soft as it is stylish. Luca Faloni, too, have a slim take on the design, crafted in Italy from a luxurious blend of 70% cashmere and 30% silk. Or, for full cashmere, Loro Piana’s Roadster polo was created with classic car enthusiasts in mind and modelled after vintage racing uniforms.

The roll neck is the most sophisticated knit you can buy

And then there’s the roll neck. With the comfort of those heavy crew neck cable knits above, but the slick, sophisticated versatility of a polo, the roll neck is the smoothest operator in knitwear. Pull one on under a suit, and you’ll be the suavest guest at any winter party — not to mention the only person who doesn't need to pull on a scarf when it's time to leave...

Artknit Studios have a particularly swish take on the style. To ensure its ‘High-Neck’ design doesn’t bunch at the collar, the brand have created an elegant funnel in soft cashmere — giving you all the comfort with none of the unsightly bunching. And Luca Faloni, reliable as ever, has crafted its roll neck with the iconic Dolcevita neck line — and breathable two ply pure cashmere.

The humble cardigan

When we rounded up the Autumn/Winter trends to look out for, there were a couple of surprises, and cardigans was at the top of the list. Once sidelined in knitwear circles — these pieces have buttoned their way back into vogue.

We can see why. With shawl necks and chunky ribs, these button-ups are perfect pieces of transitional knitwear. Wear with a tie at work or with a tee on weekends — and they’ll always do the job handsomely. Our picks would be these swool options from Oliver Spencer or New & Lingwood. Or, if you're looking to spend a little more, Turnbull & Asser’s cashmere take on the style.

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